Travelling by train to/from St. Goar

Train connections

For the night from Saturday to Sunday (September 15th/16th), we have asked the rail service for an increased number of wagons.

Visitor information:
Due to the big rush to the railway station following the fireworks display, we will continue to deploy more security forces and police around the station in 2018. They will regulate the flow of people on the platform.
Please follow their announcements – it primarily serves your safety.

Your travels can also be more relaxed if, instead of leaving right after the fireworks, you visit our Wine Festival and take one of the later trains.

The connections

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St. Goar – Koblenz:

  • dep 22.00 h - arr 22.27 h
  • dep 22.38 h- arr 23.09 h
  • dep 23.54 h - arr 00.23 h
  • dep 00.44 h - arr 1.16 h (16.9.)

St. Goar – Bingen (HBF) - Mainz (HBF)

  • dep 22.19 h - arr 22.43 h Bingen - arr 23.25 h Mainz
  • dep 23.19 h - arr 23.45 h Bingen - arr 00.19 h Mainz
  • dep 00.30 h - arr 00.54 h Bingen