Further Information/Advices

Closure of access roads

For safety reasons, the police will have to completely block access to St. Goar at some point. The full closure affects through road 9 between the St. Goar-Gründelbach entrance and the An der Loreley district. It is solely up to the police to decide when it’s time to block off traffic on the day of the event.

We therefore ask that you arrive early (before 6.00 p.m.)!

The roadblocks will be lifted by the police after the fireworks have finished. Do not drive on the B9 in the city before the police have done this – please wait!

Car and person ferry Loreley between St. Goar-St. Goarshausen

Before the fireworks, the ferry runs until about 7.00 p.m. as a regular shuttle service.
Cars wishing to use the ferry are asked to plan to do so by 6.00 p.m., as access to the ferry is also restricted once the B9 is blocked.

Visitors accessing the ferry on foot are requested to go to the side of the Rhine that they would like to remain on once the fireworks have ended; they should do so by no later than 7.00 p.m. After the fireworks, the shuttle service can only resume once the water police have given their approval – this can take until 11.00 p.m.

Afterwards, the Lorelei car and passenger ferry runs between the two cities during the night of Saturday and through to Sunday until 2.00 a.m.